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Επειδή το xda έχει γεμίσει με ultra fast και extreme stable roms, αποφάσισα οτι ήρθε η στιγμή για κάτι διαφορετικό. Σας παρουσιάζω λοιπόν την Laggy and Buggy!


Modem: XXJVR
Kernel: Semaphore 1.6.0
Theme: Original (Check compatible themes)
MultiCSC(Default: KOR)
Launcher:Zeam 3.1.3
Big APN List
Changed GPS config (
SIP VoIP(Wifi/3G)
Talk 2 with video calling(Wifi/3G)(thx theos0o)
Mms hacks (No contact limit + No MMS convert + Sent time + BLN)(thx montymintypie)
Extended Power Menu
BLN(support stock Mms.apk)
Crt Screen off Animation
Lagfree Browser
Stable Phone.apk

και πανω απο ολα BLOATWARE FREE


L.n.B v0.31
-Fix Mms.apk FC(L.n.B v0.3 problem)
-Remove Haptic Feedback from AOSP Lockscreen

L.n.B v0.3
– Mms hacks (No contact limit + No MMS convert + Sent time + BLN support)
– Semaphore 1.6.0
– Zeam 3.1.3

L.n.B v0.2
– Market 3.1.3
– Talk2 1.3.3 A/V(wifi/3g)
– Email.apk removed from main installation (find it at /mnt/sdcard/L.n.B/apks)
– Infoalarm.apk at /mnt/sdcard/L.n.B/apks
– Auto-installation of apks works better now



If you want to wipe, create /mnt/sdcard/wipe file(suggested)
Copy to internal SD Card
Reboot into Recovery Mode(CWM)
Flash the

Removed apps

A list of all applications can be found in the L.n.B apk list

Install removed apps

Move the apps you want from /mnt/sdcard/L.n.B/apks to /mnt/sdcard/L.n.B/install
and after that, flash the /mnt/sdcard/L.n.B/ with CWM.


Remove haptic feedback from AOSP lockscreen
Restore haptic feedback to AOSP lockscreen

Compatible themes

PaulDiddy Remix GB (tested by dimitrisioak)(Check this before installation)

Install keyboard with greek support(thanks to Tyxerakias)

Download the zip and flash it via clockworkmod recovery: Swype, AxT9IME


Perka stratosk nitr8 supercurio Juwe11 Darkyy $omator XDA

Για να είμαι σίγουρος ότι όλα θα δουλέψουν όσο το δυνατόν αποβλημάτιστα,οι περισσότερες αλλαγές έγιναν με το χέρι και όχι με απλό κατέβασμα των patchαρισμένων αρχείων απ το XDA!

More info

1.If you want a clean installation prefer wipe via /mnt/sdcard/wipe file,as i say before.With this way your batterystats.bin will be restored after installation!
2.You dont need to re-install removed apps after a new installation(wipe/nowipe).Everything will be installed automatically.
3.Do not remove /mnt/sdcard/.installed_apks
4.If you have FC with Email,install Email.apk from removed apks


L.n.B v0.31


L.n.B v0.3(Mms.apk Fix)


L.n.B v0.2


L.n.B v0.1


Flash at your own risk


Enjoy the Lag and Bugs


Written by v4nelle

31 August, 2011 at 3:54 am

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